Monday, January 14, 2013


I have found that over the years the knowledge of man has grow exponentially. With no sign of slowing down, I look for reason and purpose for some of the new technology coming out. The knowledge of the fallen angels is much, much greater than the knowledge of man. So how do we do these things. These things as in time dilation, not as a theory of possibility, but as a fact achievable. We cant get there without help. Not from God because this would work against the natural order He put in place. But rather from an Evil force. Pulled into our demention or through the Veil via rituals. Nothing good can come from a Demons favor. Now  In a attempt to create levitation greater than the John Hutchinson effect our leaders, not the USA but an organization containing like minded members from over 37 different countries, with unlimited financial backing and resources. Congregate on methods and ways to better humanity. That is where it started anyway. Now its to make war machines an get the ball rolling on the levitation to implement in everything. Transportation to not only mind, but history manipulation. That's right time-travel. Once that is achieved nothing is imposable. I have seen things in a remote location in Western North Carolina that you all might be interested in seeing. Contact and i will send you a tape.